Specialities and Elegance of Python Skin Bag



Given its exquisite and sophisticated texture, a genuine python bag is very expensive. According to many experts, python leather is one of the best exotic leathers availiable. The python skin bags have

How to Take Care of Your Luxury Leather Bags

A luxury leather bag flaunts style and class in an elegant way. Being a product of age-old tradition carefully crafted by the expert artisans, it deserves proper maintenance.


Leather bags undergo different types of treatment methods. However, irrespective of the procedure,

Ostrich Leather Bags – How To Identify Original From Faux

Ostrich leather is every expensive? And why should it not be? It is one of the finest and most durable leathers.


Its fibres retain the oily texture even after undergoing a long tanning process. The feature ensures that the material will never develop a cracked texture, unle

The Difference Between Crocodile And Alligator Handbags

If you've ever seen and touched a handbag made in genuine crocodile or alligator skin, you would never forget its rare beauty and elegance. Exotic skins like those, create some of the most magnificent accessories around, namely in bags.

Tomlini, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and the fam

How to care for your luxury TOMLINI Exotic skin bag.

When you think about it, beautiful bags of luxury are made from natural beginnings, and sometimes, that means exotic skins.

Your bag has been handcrafted with the ultimate in refinement and carefully kept away from the interference of chemical substances or synthetic fabrication.