How to care for your luxury TOMLINI Exotic skin bag. By Damien T
Apr 23, 2017 6:23:47 PM

When you think about it, beautiful bags of luxury are made from natural beginnings, and sometimes, that means exotic skins.

Your bag has been handcrafted with the ultimate in refinement and carefully kept away from the interference of chemical substances or synthetic fabrication.

Caring for you luxury bag is key, especially when its sensual texture is featured in the most exotic snakeskin bags. When properly handled, a luxury bag can last for years and years.

Here are our excellent tips to help you preserve your luxury leather bags in all their finery and visual beauty.

Proper Pampering Will Do

Exotic skins like alligator, ostrich, snake and others provide a rare shimmer, feel and seductive elegance to a luxury bag. When you're the proud owner of one of these unique treasures, a little discipline goes a long way.

Luxury handbag experts recommend a premium exotic leather conditioner that nourishes and moisturises all your exotic skinned bags. A great conditioner is able to penetrate deeply into these delicate leathers to avoid fading and cracking and gently restore their natural and glossy shine.

Watching The Weather Matters

Luxury leather bags deserve exquisite pampering to maintain their quality, and that means taking them out only in favorable conditions. Rain or snow, for example, can quickly deteriorate a luxury bag with staining, watermarks. 

Trying to dry out wet snakeskin bags in front of a steaming hot radiator is never suggested and a sure method of harming the sensitive nature of these exotic skins. The same can occur with extreme sunlight and humidity and the powerful UVA/UVB rays, drying out the essence of your favourite snakeskin luggage and rendering their texture shrivelled.

Taking The Time To Care

The dust bag that came with your luxury accessory was included for a reason and offers proper added protection when storing. A luxury dust bag is made of supremely soft cotton and designed with a drawstring closure to keep out dust and dirt.

Try to also keep these bags stuffed as this will maintain the shape.