The Difference Between Crocodile And Alligator Handbags By Damien T
Apr 24, 2017 5:20:52 PM

If you've ever seen and touched a handbag made in genuine crocodile or alligator skin, you would never forget its rare beauty and elegance. Exotic skins like those, create some of the most magnificent accessories around, namely in bags.

Tomlini, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and the famous Hermes Birkin bag are top designer names all known for their exquisite crocodile skin bags and alligator skin bags. 

Rare And Coveted; No Two Alike

Handbags handcrafted from exotic skins are high-end, and there are several reasons for that. According to business', the demand worldwide has soared, and these skins account for nearly 10% of the total revenue from luxury handbag sales. These exotic skins are timeless assets, in any wardrobe, and owning one instantly commands a fashion status.

Some assume that both reptilians produce exactly the same skin and appearance in bags, but that is not true. There are key distinctions between the exotic skins.

Crocodile Dots Tell The Story

Alligator handbags and those created from crocodile skin both offer a lovely texture and natural design of tiles. These oblong or square scales are the signature feature of the exotic reptiles.

If you look closely at crocodile skin bags, you will notice an added detail that distinguishes between the two kinds of sumptuous bags. Crocodile skin has a tiny dot on each scale; the dots are actually sensory pores or hair follicles. These extremely small pores help crocodiles in their environment to identify changes in water pressure and locate their prey.

Alligator Navel Clearly Defined

Another incredible difference between the two reptiles and the exotic skins they produce comes from their bellies. Both alligator handbags and those crafted from crocodile skin have umbilical scars, but the alligator's navel is very prominent, producing elaborate umbilical scars. Showing off that unique feature on alligator skin bags adds another less even pattern appeal to the exotic nature of the handbag.

Both Delivering Exceptional Quality

When it comes to purchasing splendid crocodile skin bags or alligator bags, both maintain their gorgeous textures and eye-candy appeal for many years.

Both crocodile handbags and alligator skin bags offer a super soft touch and firmness to their structure. Their smooth scales also make it easy for designers to dye these exotic skins because their texture allows the stunning colours to distribute evenly.