How to Take Care of Your Luxury Leather Bags By Damien T
Apr 15, 2019 4:37:43 PM

A luxury leather bag flaunts style and class in an elegant way. Being a product of age-old tradition carefully crafted by the expert artisans, it deserves proper maintenance.


Leather bags undergo different types of treatment methods. However, irrespective of the procedure, leather-made luxury bags retain their natural features for years. Leather, like any natural element, fades over time. Periodical and proper cleaning and maintenance are needed to preserve the natural texture of leather for ages. Regular maintenance also extends lifespan of leather products.


A general rule is to keep your leather bag moisturised and avoid using cleaning chemicals excessively as these only accelerate the ageing process.


A leather bag being the specimen of the finest craftsmanship, you should take good care of it, to protect your purchase.


Clean Your Bag


Leather bags easily pick up oil and grease. Make a point to clean your hands properly before handling your bag. You can use a soft dry cloth for cleaning, alternatively, you can use a slightly damp cloth for cleaning to ensure that the pores on the leather bag don’t get blocked. Never use too much water as it takes a long time for leather to dry.


It is quite natural for the dust to build up on your leather bag. Use a cleaning solution to wipe out dirt. It is better to use a cleaner specially made for leather items. Apply the solution in a gentle, circular motion.


Avoid direct heat or sunlight to dry the leather bag.


Condition Your Bag


Don’t you use a conditioner after cleaning your hair with shampoo? Similarly, use a leather conditioner after cleaning the bag. It is the way to keep your leather bags moisturised. The leather bags, without a conditioner, will pick up a wrinkled texture.


Use a soft cloth while applying conditioner and gently rub over the bag to prevent wrinkling and flaking.


Depending on humidity or dryness in climate, use conditioner monthly up to twice a year in order to retain a soft and supple texture of your luxury handbags.


Stuff Your Bag


Don’t leave your leather bag empty. Store parchment paper or bubble wrap in your leather bag to retain its shape, however, don’t use newspaper.


Take out the original dustbag and keep the stuffed leather bag in it. Store the dustbag in the original box and place the slice gel packets to prevent dampness.


Airing the bag is important at least once in a fortnight.