Ostrich Leather Bags – How To Identify Original From Faux By Damien T
Apr 15, 2019 4:33:08 PM

Ostrich leather is every expensive? And why should it not be? It is one of the finest and most durable leathers.


Its fibres retain the oily texture even after undergoing a long tanning process. The feature ensures that the material will never develop a cracked texture, unless it is exposed to harsh weather conditions.


Here are some experts’ tips for those willing to explore the world of luxury ostrich skin bags. 


Fake Ostrich Leather Simulates Original Pattern


In such cases, the famous ostrich design is artistically but artificially embossed onto an inexpensive base leather.


It is one of the puzzling marketing tricks by the sellers to befool the unsuspecting buyer. The best way to avoid falling prey to the trick is to buy your ostrich leather bag only from an authentic vendor.


The genuine ostrich leather bag sellers doesnt need to hide behind carefully crafted word-play to introduce their products as the original ones.


The imitation ostrich seller always make tall claims by pegging a title like “Products in Genuine Leather”.


A dishonest ostrich leather item seller tends to convince you with misleading information about a product that is anything but a genuine leather good, it is usually possible to identify the carefully weaved suspicious titles and details, as a clue to whether  you are going to buy an authentic ostrich bag.


Texture Says Everything


Genuine ostrich leather features a unique texture with bumps, commonly known as “crowns”. These are actually follicles which the ostrich feathers grow from.


In fake leather bags, the texture of the genuine ostrich bags is imitated through an embossing process which explores the technique of "heat-pressing" designs on the base leather.


Heat pressing is a two dimensional method that is in stark contrast with three-dimensional look of genuine leather. If you push your fingers against genuine ostrich skin bags, it will cause the crown to bend or lift.


If your fingers successfully fit into the space of connection between the hide and the crown, the ostrich leather is genuine.


Know About Concentration Of Leather Patterns


Given the size of an ostrich, its hide is a very large one. The ostrich hide does not feature the same pattern all over it.


The largest crown follicles are found in the crown which represents 40% of the area and resides at the middle of the hide.